Time hasn’t stopped and new iPad apps keep coming out and quite a lot of them are available for free.

No need to pay is as you might know one of the strongest motivations and free applications are often checked out first.

List of 5 new and free titles of this week. We will be even happier if you find here something that you will love and share your impressions with all of us through the comments below.

Have a nice day with all these charming applications for the iPad tablet.

1. Thumb Wars! An app does not necessarily need to have a sophisticated plot, unusual characters and lots of twists to be popular. Thumb Wars! is very simple but yet addictive. All you need to win this competition is your thumb and reaction. One should press one’s thumb to make the pipe reach the middle of the screen while the pipe of your opponent with his slow thumb is still somewhere near his hand. Of course you will not be able to play it alone and it is nice because even iPads should not deprive us of communication and real rivalry.

2. Absolute Board: Among all the drawing applications for the Apple tablet only a few let us actually draw and Absolute Board will certainly let you do it. The size of the board depends only on your needs and on the drawing itself, the quality of graphics is absolutely stunning. One will be delighted to choose from unlimited colors for background and drawing tools which thus will never stop your imagination. If you have just created a masterpiece and long for the world to see it then just email the snapshot of your drawing to anyone and get ready for the compliments. This app also lets you take notes and save them in a convenient way.

3. TWCable TV: If Time Warner Cable is your passion then just get TWCable TV and do not be nervous if you can’t be at home on time to watch your favorite TV channels since everything will stream directly to your iPad. Your tablet’s screen is beautiful and big enough to be a TV screen so just relax and enjoy it. To be always updated about what’s on one will also have a Channel Guide which will have all the necessary information. Please keep it in mind that you will need a WiFi connection to use this free iPad app. By the way you will also have access to the Cable favorites through the Time Warner Cable video subscription.

4. Flowpaper: If you always prefer to create something special for yourself and not consume things that have already been made by someone then Flowpaper will let you work at unique drawings which can be used as background for the iPad for example. No matter what you draw – an abstraction or a cat – this application will make them look unmatched and you will only need one finger to create the most beautiful drawings! Of course one will be able to share the results of one’s inspiration with anyone. Drawing with realistic physics is very nice and it will make your sketches and drawings look amazing.

5. SPIN Play: This free app will let you discover and get acquainted with music through SPIN magazine. Though it is free each issue of the magazine will cost you $1.99 (annual subscription will cost you $7.99) so please think before you leap. Of course this magazine is interactive and along with the text which is beautifully re-designed for the tablet you will have more than 60 songs and 30 videos. Stunning photography is SPIN’s ultimate advantage because this brand has been known to include the best pictures in every issue.

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