When I was a child I read everything I could find on our bookshelves from Star Wars to the Land of Oz, I am still not sure which one I liked most.

But the problem is that anyway the books for adults cannot be understood by children completely. The main idea often gets hidden behind the decorations and characters. I wish I could reread lots of books as if for the first time now.

5 best iPad books available via your free Nook application that will make you think first of all and only after that entertain. We will be happy if you share your ideas and feedback in the comments field and will gladly discuss all the burning problems.

1. The Free World by David Bezmozgis: Wherever you may roam there is no place like home is true for those homes where people are not prejudiced against you, where you can develop yourself. The Krasnansky family managed to escape from Soviet Russia to Rome where the family of Russian Jews is to find a way to live on. Represented by several generations this family lets us see different attitudes towards their motherland and new home. The image of Brezhnev is very interesting as well as those which are symbols of free life in the Free World. These people are to do everything possible to be able to say that they were right to leave in the very end. This book is available for $12.99.

2. Unfamiliar Fishes by Sarah Vowell: History is a tricky thing and nobody can tell for sure that these or those events really took place or did it as recorded. The way the American Nation has gone through to become independent and prosperous is a very long way. It carried on even when the continental lands have been wandered in all possible directions. Sarah Vowell’s $12.99 book is about Americanizing Hawaii and how it was done. It also reveals the preceding historical backgrounds and the outcomes which we can observe now. The natives and their queen were doomed to give way to the American president but if it was worth it you may see for yourself.

3. The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht: Natalia is a guest in some Baltic country where she arrives with her friend Zora. The girl has a noble mission of a doctor in the orphanage but the secrets everyone around seems to keep prevent the guests from enjoying their work. The family hosting Natalia is digging in the vineyards for something unknown and the whole scenery looks spooky with the unsolved riddles and dark mysteries. To top it all Natalia’s grandfather dies in a weird settlement where he went having lied everyone that he was going to see Natalia. She starts to remember the stories he would tell her in Natalia’s childhood and things though still not clear make her know about a tiger haunting her grandfather’s village during the WWII. One can purchase this adult iPad book for $12.99.

4. My Korean Deli: Risking It All for a Convenience Store by Ben Ryder Howe: The gratitude of your children warms the heart and lets you see that your love was fruitful. But what if your child gets you a store and you, an editor, need to manage it, it is a gift anyway? Very soon the store starts to take much more time than the main character could think of and invades his life turning it into an endless struggle. My Korean Deli touches upon the questions of culture, family and values which are the most important aspects of our life though often neglected. This book can definitely teach you something for $11.99.

5. The Most Human Human:What Talking with Computers Teaches Us about What It Means to Be Alive by Brian Christian: The Turning Test is supposed to let judges see if the hidden contestants are computers or people. There will be numerous catches, questions requiring thinking and other things which might prove you have a real mind of a human being. $13.99 book tells us that machines manage to fool the judges and get the prize for being Human. Yet there is another prize for the most Human Human and it is the strangest nomination ever. Brian Christian is concerned with one of the major problems of our society if people and computers are or will be equals what will be then? And what can happen if the computer turns out to be more human than us?

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