I have always been a fool for great sound and visuals before gameplay. I know some would argue that but that’s just me and everyone is different on how they enjoy a game. The great thing about DEO is that it ticks all the boxes for a great game. Created by the folks from Strappedtoameteor, in DEO you have to rebuild the universe by jumping across rotating irregularly shaped surfaces making it to the red platform avoiding dark areas which will surely end you little red life. The game works on a single touch mechanism; tap to jump, tap and hold to jump higher. Pretty simple mechanism, and with 96 levels it’s plenty to keep occupied. DEO walks a fine line where you find your self doing the same thing every time on every level. With a balance of challenging levels and simple gameplay you just cant help to push on. The game does feel a bit repetitive at times, but with great sound and visuals it’s still a must-have.

After completing a level, a small chunk is added to your planet slowly completing your universe and the process starts again.

What made me love DEO so much is its art and music and how its brings you into its environment with slight rain drizzles in the background and ambient music to create DEO.

I’m still currently playing all 96 levels of DEO and enjoying every minute of it. DEO may lack in some gameplay but makes up in fantastic artwork and sound. I can see once completing DEO it may feel a bit repetitive playing the levels over again. The only objective of the game is to reach the red platform, possible in later updates they can add achievements for the game. Such as stars, time objective, leaderboards etc. For 99cents I can’t complain, grab it on the App Store now.

Overall DEO is a must have on your iPhone. If you go, Gaga every time you see hand-drawn games then DEO is for you. With simple game mechanism and great visual, you won’t be dissatisfied with your purchase. DEO is fun to play and relaxing even through those hard levels at times.

DEO may be rebuilding its universe but I feel like before its complete Strappedtoameteor should build theirs. Just by adding a few achievements and objections DEO will be one to keep on the iPhone forever.

UPDATE: I got in touch with the guys from DEO and this is what they had to say…

“We are definitely listening to your advice and will begin working on an update soon! Lot’s of things will get improved. We’ll add achievements, new mechanics to kill repetition, better main menu system and rewards, new worlds, etc.

We’ll keep you posted when the new update is out.

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