Flapcraft will send you back in time to master the art of Flapcrafting. From the old past, it was widely known that to keep their fighting spirits in excellent shape in case a new war came along. Some of the bravest Vikings use wooden logs to fly in the air. Those that actually managed to liftoff are proudly called “Flapcrafters”

What FlapCraft Got Right
“Flapcraft is an adventurous, one-time project of the Pixelmator Team that was developed during beta testing of Pixelmator 2.0,” said Saulius Dailide of the Pixelmator Team. “We couldn’t keep ourselves from releasing it when we realized that its incredible graphics, addictive gameplay and exclusive iOS technology support meant that Flapcraft has every chance of becoming one of the most fun games out there for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.”

The eye for detail and comic style graphics make Flapcraft one to add to the collection of apps on your iOS device. I can’t stress enough on how well the game looks and plays on the iPhone & iPad. With the help of the Accelerometer you can’t help playing the balancing game to keep your viking up in the air as long as possible .

With over 30 levels and upgradable equipment such as dashboards, ramps, logs, wings, engines, and rockets lets you fly further, higher, and faster. The replay value of the game is great, for $1.99 on the AppStore its a steal.

What FlapCraft Got Wrong
I feel that the game is great and everything about it, but at times I felt like saying to my self why. Yes there are objectives for the game and while you progress the levels get harder and there is a point system which works well. What does it all add up to? Fly higher, faster, longer. I shouldn’t complain since that’s the point of the game, to “Flapcraft”. The only bad thing I can say about the game is for being to good. Its very hard to pick at a game when everything works as per the manual.

The Final Verdict
Overall I really love this game and how pixelmator got it right on their first go for an iOS app. I hope to see more upgrades in the near future to come making me to continue my Flapcrafting skill.

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