Super Crate Box

If you haven’t yet played Super Crate Box then I assume you have been living under a crate for the last year. It’s all about the High Scores in Super Crate Box.

“Grab your baseball cap and loosen your pants, it’s time to fight endless hordes of enemies and collect every weapon crate you can”

For $0.99 it’s a steal for your iOS device.


Tamagotchi anyone? For those who still remember Tamagotchi, it was a hard life taking care of those things; from feeding it, to putting it to bed and trying to keep it hidden from teachers.

Tamagotchi may have been something that was only good at the time? But Hatchi, on the other hand, is not a separate gadget that you will forget, as it will be on your iOS device and you are bound to not forget about feeding your pet. Okay, so maybe this might not be for everyone, I myself am not a hardcore fan but will be certainly giving Hatchi a go and seeing if it bring back some childhood memories.

Urban Crime

Rockstar has achieved to apply a full port PS2 game [GTA III] into a iOS device. This may put off some developers, as they would have been creating similar games for the iOS but due to Rockstars prestige skills; as they have been in the industry for many years, this may make it hard to compete with.

Urban Crime by Gameloft resembles the similar qualities to the gameplay style of Grand Theft Auto and Gameloft’s previous Gangsters series. But it begs the question…Why the sudden name change?

I personally find Urban Crime to be one of the hottest games to look forward to this year as it will be one of many freemium games taking over the App Store. Urban Crime is scheduled for release on the 12th January, so get your hands on it while it’s hot.


Picomy, a new indie studio have just released its first trailer for Heroki; a new family friendly fantasy adventure game which just looks stunning off the bat.

Heroki is a young brave boy who’s chosen to save his village high above the sky. In search of the stolen magic element from his village, he embarks a great adventure through several worlds full of exploration and great challenges.”

Based on the trailer I have watched; Heroki just looks amazing! It would be interesting to see some gameplay down the track, but so far the graphics and sound gets my thumbs up for a hot iOS game for 2012

Star Command

Ever dreamed of traveling the galaxy and beyond? Now you can by building your own spaceship by using your imagination and bringing it to life in the new game STAR COMMAND. Discover alien life, engage in epic battles and discover the mysteries of deep space

Last year War Balloon Games used Kickstarter to fund their project, and from an overwhelming response from the community, Star Command is moving forward.

Naked Gun: International Crime Unit

Some of you may be to young to remember the movie Naked Gun, or you might have seen some re-runs of it on afternoon TV. This comedy packed movie has been created as a crime solving game which will be hitting the App Store this coming February.

The original writer and producer will be behind each six episodes, which are planned for the App over a course of 6 months.

Solve all-new mysteries in the unmistakable Naked Gun universe! Years after the events of the original films, a crime wave has overtaken the city, and there’s just one man who can stop it – Lt. Det. Frank Drebin Jr.! Bringing the strict “no-nonsense” professionalism inherited by his father, Lt. Drebin and his team of I.C.U.P. agents (International Crime Unit Police) must work together to solve the case and bring down a global crime syndicate.”

Battle Buddies

Freemium title Battle Buddies is a tactical combat line drawing based game, which offers users to battle it out till the end. You are put in control of six customisable soldiers which you will use your skill to take down the enemy.

The buddies are guys and gals with wacky gadgets and crazy gear, blasting their way to the land of fun! To tag along, you’ll only need a finger to draw with to make your buddies run around, hide in closets, shoot stuff, blow up walls and take over the world.”

The great thing about Battle Buddies is; that it will also feature a cross-platform multiplayer where you can battle your Android buddies to show them who’s really boss.

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