Being a jumping, sliding, ray zapping cat is probably the first I’ve seen to hit the app store but not the first to use a side-scroller game style. If you were to search side stroller in the app store like this one I’m sure you will be bombarded with all sorts of games. Where Last Ace of Space stands out the most is its graphics. Gameplay is pretty average for this cat in space which I will get into soon.

These days simple is better in terms of iOS games. People just want to jump in jump out of games without having to think too much. Also audio plays a key feature which adds to the whole experience of the game which I think “The Last Ace Of Space” fails to do so. The sound effects in-game don’t really come across really well. I find it more annoying than enjoyable at some points. Neither the less the game works as a simple side scroller and has the potential to be a good game but not a great game.

Where the game starts to feel a bit repetitive is its one level design so to speak. Even though the game is just a simple countless obstacle game of running, sliding, tapping spacecows. I wish that it had more levels in terms of background appearance. This all could be fixed in an update which could add levels like different areas of space, different enemies and weapons even.

Overall I didn’t want to rant on about the game being that this is Astros Cows first game to hit the AppStore. They did alright where most fail at this point, kudos goes to Astro Cow.

I just hope in updates to come the game will spread out more and be a bit more enjoyable than it is now. I recommend checking out the light version which is free and give it a go. no harm in downloading the light versions its free.

Check out my video review also where I have some gameplay of “The Last Ace In Space”, where I give a quick overview of the game. Support me by clicking that like button on the video. Helps me out a lot.

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