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Aug 13

When Is Piracy Acceptable

I think even I have lost the actual definition as to what a console is. Apple will eventually create a product that implements iTunes, Apple TV, App Store, and/or probably a Game Store that will act as a home entertainment unit. There’s no way they won’t do that. They all share common traits, all function […]

Jul 28

Why do we play games?

Have you ever actually thought about why it is that you play games? Why do you like games of a particular type? Do they reflect on your personality, your interests, your aspirations, your morals, and ethics, or your intelligence? Is it an escape for you, a time killer, or something you do because it’s become […]

Jul 21

Why Apple’s iTV could be the dominant games console of the next decade

In just a handful of years smartphones and their $1 apps have come from nowhere to become the world’s defacto handheld gaming experience, and the same shift could very easily take place in loungerooms. Along the way to becoming the world’s most valuable company, Apple has already radically reshaped the computer, music, mobile phone and […]