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Oct 01

5 Charming Free iPad Apps of the Week

Time hasn’t stopped and new iPad apps keep coming out and quite a lot of them are available for free. No need to pay is as you might know one of the strongest motivations and free applications are often checked out first. List of 5 new and free titles of this week. We will be […]

Sep 20

5 Most Popular iPad Books for Adults

When I was a child I read everything I could find on our bookshelves from Star Wars to the Land of Oz, I am still not sure which one I liked most. But the problem is that anyway the books for adults cannot be understood by children completely. The main idea often gets hidden behind […]

Aug 05

Why I Would Never Buy A Razer Tablet Computer

CES is the birthplace of many gadgets and gizmos; 2012 seems to be the year of the tablet, as we see a number of companies touting to finally have an iPad alternative, worthy of you hard earned cash. This year we had a surprise announcement from Razer; Project Fiona is a full blown PC gaming […]

Jul 14

The Incident Review

Simplicity is often the focus-point of any well designed game, whether it be Pac-Man, Donkey Kong or Galaga, those titles remain ageless and fun because the gameplay is simple, challenging and addictive. Big Bucket Software, a small indie dev from Perth, has created a game that possesses all these qualities called The Incident, one of […]

Jul 07

Siri is not a Google killer

Siri is a stroke of genius from Apple. While other voice integration and AI systems have appeared with varying degrees of success, the fact that Siri has a personality is what sets it apart from the pack. Some tech enthusiasts are already calling it a “Google killer”, and while it certainly does offer a compelling […]

Jun 30


Do you buy or avoid a game based on its demo? It’s an interesting situation with the modern expectation that most games, especially sporting titles, will offer a free demo several weeks before release. Are these actually useful in convincing you to buy a game, or do they even sometimes have to opposite effect and […]

Jun 17

Scribblenauts Remix Review

Scribblenauts if you remember was an all time favorite for many DS fans. What made the game so successful was 5th Cells write anything game style. With the release of the iOS version its a great tribute to many fans of the series and a way to draw newcomers to the game What Scribblenauts Remix […]

Jun 10

MacGuffin’s Curse iOS Review

Brawsome have a lot to live up to; 2010’s Jolly Rover won Best Australian Game at the Freeplay Awards and won critical praise across the globe. Following that up was always going to be a challenge, but MacGuffin’s Curse has managed to not only match their previous hit but surpass it in almost every facet […]

Jun 05

Last Ace of Space – App Review

Being a jumping, sliding, ray zapping cat is probably the first I’ve seen to hit the app store but not the first to use a side-scroller game style. If you were to search side stroller in the app store like this one I’m sure you will be bombarded with all sorts of games. Where Last […]

May 29

Flapcraft – App Review

Flapcraft will send you back in time to master the art of Flapcrafting. From the old past, it was widely known that to keep their fighting spirits in excellent shape in case a new war came along. Some of the bravest Vikings use wooden logs to fly in the air. Those that actually managed to […]

May 22

HOT iOS Games – Editor’s Choice

Super Crate Box If you haven’t yet played Super Crate Box then I assume you have been living under a crate for the last year. It’s all about the High Scores in Super Crate Box. “Grab your baseball cap and loosen your pants, it’s time to fight endless hordes of enemies and collect every weapon […]

May 17

DEO – App Review

I have always been a fool for great sound and visuals before gameplay. I know some would argue that but that’s just me and everyone is different on how they enjoy a game. The great thing about DEO is that it ticks all the boxes for a great game. Created by the folks from Strappedtoameteor, […]

May 07

10 Essential iOS Titles For Indie Gamers

Indie gaming is hard to keep track of these days. When I think back to my own experience, this time last year I had never really dabbled into the indie gaming scene, and after being thrown in at the deep end, I soon delved beneath the surface to find some truly outstanding games. So I […]