Scribblenauts if you remember was an all time favorite for many DS fans. What made the game so successful was 5th Cells write anything game style. With the release of the iOS version its a great tribute to many fans of the series and a way to draw newcomers to the game

What Scribblenauts Remix Right

In Scribblenauts Remix you are required to collect a “Starlite” which is in each level. Completing objectives for each level will earn you your Starlite which will progress you onto the next level and so on. What made scribblenautes so great was that anything you thought off you could bring to life in the game. You can even use adjectives which mean you have endless ways to solve puzzles. Think a giant hungry rainbow beaver might do it. Why not?

Fans of the game will be happy to know that 10 iOS exclusive levels are available to play in Scribblenauts Remix which brings the count to 50 levels in the iOS version. Yes, it’s a bit less than the DS version but think of it like this, you can’t update the DS version. So I’ll say just sit back and relax and when that update comes it’s just one tap away from extra levels.

Maxwell, the character can be controlled two ways, one using the whole screen releastate as a controller and two by changing the settings you can have dedicatedcontrols, Left to move, right to pan. The touch controllers work really well compared to the DS and easier to type on the iOS rather than using a stylus on the Nintendo DS. One to note is the ability to rotate and jump have been removed in the iOS version but doesn’t at all impact how you play the game.

With iOS5 giving developers the ability to sync game data over iCloud you can continue your progress through your iPhone or iPad instantly. Personally Im not big fan of GameCenter but if you an achievement hunter then you will be pleased that there is enough to keep you occupied for a while.

What Scribblenauts Got Wrong

For just under 6 dollars I feel like it just needs alot more levels for me to think its worth the purchase. I do hope I get my monies worth with frequent updates and extra levels to come.

The Final Verdict

Overall I found Scribblenauts remix a great game to return to but nothing new which I havent already seen. Newcomers to the game will be pleased though and shouldn’t think twice when purchasing the game.

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