Siri is a stroke of genius from Apple. While other voice integration and AI systems have appeared with varying degrees of success, the fact that Siri has a personality is what sets it apart from the pack. Some tech enthusiasts are already calling it a “Google killer”, and while it certainly does offer a compelling reason to purchase an iPhone 4S, Siri’s success is going to be short-lived.

Chances are Google are already on the offensive – their text to speech function works extremely well, and surely the brilliant engineers can create their own Siri like system. While Apple’s Siri does integrate slightly with Google services, a system created by Google would have access to unlimited amounts of user data, trends and more importantly, search results. Using your Google information (from Gmail, Reader, Plus, Places) the Google app would be able to tailor results to your interests, much better than Siri can at this stage.

We all know that Apple loves to run a closed system, and that is where Google’s potential app could take over. Siri is exclusive to iPhone users, while a Google app would be spread out amongst a plethora of devices. All of a sudden the exclusivity of needing an iPhone 4S would be thrown out the window, with a similar service available on almost every Android device.

Siri is a cute function, and early adopters seem to be loving the technology. Most early adopters are already Apple fans, however, and I wonder how many “normal” users are actually using the tech. I can’t imagine gruff tradies using it out on the building site, and that is where Google could prevail. Android has never been perfect, but it shines due to the fact it is simple and direct to the point.

As I mentioned before, Google has access to more data than anyone else out there. They know what is trending, what we need help with, what we’re searching for and what we want. Apple has a habit of telling us what we want before we know we want it, and now Google could swoop in and improve the service based upon what we want.

In short, Siri seems like a great start but it has a long way to go. Now that Apple has unleashed the monster I don’t feel it will kill Google or Android, but rather give them something to strive towards. I think the battle between the smartphone giants has only just begun.

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