Simplicity is often the focus-point of any well designed game, whether it be Pac-Man, Donkey Kong or Galaga, those titles remain ageless and fun because the gameplay is simple, challenging and addictive. Big Bucket Software, a small indie dev from Perth, has created a game that possesses all these qualities called The Incident, one of the most entertaining iOS games available right now.

The premise is simple: you fill the role of Frank Solway, an average Joe who is caught in the middle of some extremely strange situation. Items are just randomly falling out of the sky, and your job is to move Frank as he dodges items to survive while climbing ever higher. The items are varied and interesting, from street signs and boxes to grand pianos, fishtanks and cars. It’s always fun to see Frank get slapped on the head by something unexpected, and thanks to the great art style the items are always vibrant and colourful.

The Incident will definitely appeal to retro gamers; the art style and music feel like a mixture of SNES graphics along with the soundtrack ripped from a high quality Commodore 64. The gameplay is very reminiscent of classic arcade games, as the difficult slowly ramps up the higher and higher you get. It’s challenging, addictive and hard to put down.

There are seven grueling levels in the “story” mode, and thankfully Big Bucket have included a survival mode. With Game Centre integration, leaderboards and easy access to Twitter, The Incident is one of those titles that will easily give you bragging rights as you challenge your friends via social media. It’s a nice touch and gives the retro feeling game a step towards a modern world.

It’s worth mentioning that this game supports HDMI or component out on the iPad which would make for some seriously interesting gameplay. Simply hook up you iPad to a TV and then use you iPhone as the controller to move Frank. It’s a great concept, yet unfortunately one we couldn’t discover for ourselves as we don’t have a HDMI cable for our iPad yet.

What we can tell you is that few games on the App Store have the same addictive nature, along with an authentic art style that really makes it stand out. The Incident is a challenging title that will stick in your mind and slowly demand your attention. After hearing that music for the first time, you’ll be humming the tune in your head for days.

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